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Your business depends on your IT systems. We can assure you that we are a great network services, computer support or IT consulting company in the New Jersey region that can provide you with these solutions to your business.

We’ll take care all IT issues for you.

We know that you desire to grow and scale your business operations. And in this quest, you can lose focus on server management – unless things go badly. Security breaches, server downtimes, data loss and slow network performance result in lost revenue & customer turnover.

Our commitment to your success is at the heart of what we do every day. We have a full range of IT services and solutions to help you overcome the most significant business problems and achieve your objectives. We quickly recognize and solve issues, and retain experienced professionals who are solely focused on you and your needs. So, while we keep server downtimes and data protection to a minimum, you can concentrate on the things that really matter and enjoy watching your business grow.



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Network uptime is critically important for your business. Even if you have an IT department dedicated to maintaining and improving the way your network operates, they may need an extra hand. It is difficult for a small team to keep up to date on all the changes going on in the world of computers. Tech support is our strong suit. Contact us and see how we can help your business stay up and running and keep your staff working.


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All kinds of hardware concerns, be it a computer repair or a laptop repair – need excellent innovation and an equally strong emotional network which is able to offer technical support and render services at any given point of time. Rather than dragging your PC to a service centre, Newlite can conveniently access your system remotely, just with a few clicks and offer additional support over a phone call or text.

Looking To Modernize Or Improve Your IT Environment?

Our Approach Assessment

We provide comprehensive assessments of IT infrastructure and operations, where we evaluate key areas and provide recommendations for improvements. We customize each IT evaluation to suit your specific needs, so you just pay for what you need.

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We can do small projects ranging from configuration changes to projects as large as installing or replacing equipment.

As part of the solution, GeekTechyx offers a package of various functionalities in the field of network managed services according to the needs and requirements of the customer. The main aim is to relieve the customer of any activities related to the management and administration of data networks. 

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Proactive care to keep your system up and cut long term costs.

Based on big data architecture and analysis of network signaling, GeekTechyx’s  System Monitoring Service gives you a customer perspective of your system service. It helps you to improve your operational efficiency, protect revenues, increase customer experience levels and support your business development. 

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When you have GeekTechyx at the helm, you can rest easy. We will ensure that your servers and network infrastructure is up to date, performing well, and secure. You can count on us to keep your infrastructure operating at peak efficiency at all times.

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If you are looking for a prominent Cloud computing service providers, GeekTechyx is the place for you. Being experienced in IT infrastructure management & transformational services, we offer various cloud computing services.

Our company will assist you in making the transition from physical to virtual environments. Software familiarity includes VMWare, MS Hyper-V, ZenServer, Citrix, Remote desktop Services and many Cloud apps.

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Are you having system stability issues? We know that it is important to get your network up and running quickly. Your work depends on your network,


Are you having an issue with your workstation or an office-wide issue? We can help.


We also have clients who have us on a retainer agreement to be available at any time to supplement their existing staff with overflow or special projects.

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Onsite/Remote IT Services Support

GeekTechyx provide quick and affordable onsite IT services to produce real results that will help your business run and perform more efficiently. From network troubleshooting and printer repair, to updating your whole business computer system to Windows 10, our Techs are able to perform a wide variety of on-site IT support services.

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