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Want to get your dream job? Practice makes it perfect!

Are you Confused? You do not know how to get Prepared for the Interview? Do you Fear you Lack Some Expertise required for this job? You just want to Nail this Interview at any cost? If So, Welcome to the Right Place.

Firstly, let me calm you down by revealing few Facts!
-Recruiters Do Not look for Exceptional candidates but Smarter most of the times.
-You Technical Competency matters but your Potential attract more.
-Recruiters look for a ‘Complete Package’ instead of Nerds or Workaholics.

I will help you to effectively prepare for your job interview. Preparation includes reviewing the job description that you are applying for, the type of position and creating customized interview with questions that the interviewer(s) will most likely ask. I will then conduct a mock interview (by phone or video) so that you can get immediate feedback.

I will help for:

* Careful evaluation of Job Description
* Resume Building
* Prepare Cover Page
* Build LinkedIn Profile
* Provide the most popular technical & HR questions n  answers
* Run the Live Interview for 2-3 times
* By contacting those who are already working on this Position
* After this Preparation session you will be Confident about-Introducing yourself with a Professional Touch and how to change your body language accordingly-* Tackle Technical, Psychological, behavioral and Unknown Questions.

So, Let’s Start?